Stitching for Rochester Cathedral Quire Stalls

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Kent Area Heritage Volunteers

Heritage ProjectsSeveral Societies are actively involved in Heritage Volunteering with projects as varied as cleaning books at Leeds Castle, Belmont House, Lullingstone Castle, Penshurst Place, The Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall, The Royal Engineers’ Library in Chatham; making tapestry cushions for Rochester Cathedral; conserving and cataloguing textiles at Belmont House; cleaning arms & armour at Penshurst Place, and stewarding at various venues in Kent.

Ship Designer’s Folio Model conserved at the Royal United Services Institute by Heritage Volunteers.

We are always interested in taking on new projects in Kent, in textile conservation, archives, cleaning and conservation of books, arms and armour.   We have access to experts who will, for a fee, give an appraisal of a project before we make a start.   They can advise on training for the more specialised aspects.If you would like to find out more, please contact Sandy Patrick at:

Heritage Work

Ship Designer’s Folio Model

Members from Medway, Mid-Kent, Sevenoaks & Gravesend continue to work in partnership with Rochester Cathedral Emboiderers in creating for the Cathedral the beautiful textured cushions shown here. Click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge.

This 18th century folio depicting two English warship designs and patterns was featured on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, and was cleaned and restored by members of KNOLE DFAS Heritage Volunteers working at The Royal United Services Library in Whitehall.

2016 Gravesend work at Igtham Mote

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Book Restoration

Knole and Sevenoaks DFAS Heritage Volunteers attended a Book Restoration training day in January 2008 prior to commencing work on the Library at Lullingstone Castle.

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Conservation at Lullingstone Castle Library