On June 7th we had an informal Summer Chairman’s meeting hosted by Medway Dfas at Gillingham Masonic Hall. 24 people attended  with 17 societies represented and the Area Committee – a lively meeting  began. As it is an informal meeting there was a good deal of chat during the day making it very useful fo all to ask questions.


Elaine (Area Chairman) reported on the National AGM, staffing changes at NADFAS House, the membership website and the NADFAS change of name which is being proposed.  All members are invited to submit their ideas of a new name to NADFAS House.


Training, Church Recording, Heritage Volunteers and Study Days were all updated and discussed.  The Area has new Young Arts lady who was not able to be present as she was at NADFAS House having her training day.  A plea went out  from our Web Master for more material to put on this website from all societies.


We are all looking forward to the 50th Anniversary of NADFAS in 2018.  Our new Deputy Chairman – Lee Cary has been investigating one of the ways in which the Kent Area can celebrate this event.  Lee outlined her proposal to sponsor an artistic veteran (Combat Stress charity).  We hope to have many other events for the celebration.


The meeting finished before lunch after which we had a fascinating talk from Jeremy Clark  on Kent Artists.